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August 2nd, 2018


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Fall Registration is here! All registration will be online this semester – click the above button for a link to our registration form for your children.

The fall semester will begin on Wednesday, September 5th – we look forward to seeing you then!
If you do not yet know your full schedule for the school year about sports, school play, or other activities,
register for the first two weeks and we will accommodate any changes you need to make afterwards!

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New Teachers 2018


Marina Voznaya                  Seula Lee              Dr. Timothy Blair       Dr. Terry Klinefelter 
piano and voice                     violin                            piano                              jazz piano


 Paul Klinefelter                          Andres Gonzalez Parra               Alex Siniavski
bass and bass guitar                                  trumpet                            trombone


New Programs 2018

Broadway Choir with Marina Voznaya

Jazz Improvisation – Individual Lessons with Dr. Terry Klinefelter and Dr. Matthew Clayton

Jazz Ensembles with Dr. Matthew Clayton and Andrew Urbina

Chamber Ensembles (times TBA) with Irina Schuck, Gozde Tiknaz, and Seula Lee

Coming Winter 2019: Chamber Orchestra with Andres Gonzalez

Chamber Orchestra for Students and Amateur Adults

August 25th, 2018

Starting Monday October 16 through December 17. From  6 to 8 PM. 10 classes, Tuition $400.  Includes 2 performances.


Chamber Music Programs for 2018-19

August 7th, 2018

What a great week at SUMMER CAMP!

July 21st, 2018

Our campers had a fantastic week learning about the Impressionist period in art and music; composing their own descriptive pieces on computers; watching movies and playing Capture the Flag; and taking a field trip to the Barnes Foundation art museum downtown!

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Summer Faculty Concerts – Reserve Your Tickets Today!

July 12th, 2018
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NBS Presents: Impressionism and Modernism Summer Music Camp and Concert Series 

From July 16th through 20th, The Nelly Berman School of Music is presenting a summer camp and summer concert series focusing on the music and art of the Impressionist and Modernist Eras. The summer music camp is open to music students ages 7 to 17 with classes held daily from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM. The summer concert series and art exhibit is open to the general public and is held in the evenings of Monday, July 16th and Tuesday, July 17th.

Students at the summer music camp will discover (in a kid-friendly format) the new harmonic language; subtle tone colors; fluid atmosphere; and the way light and time were depicted in Impressionist music and art. Composers and artists covered will include Debussy, Ravel, Monet, Pissarro and more. Students will learn and prepare an Impressionist piece of music for the Friday concert. At the same time, they will study the history, philosophy, and composition techniques of the era. They will also write music of their own on iPads. Students will visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art to see the composition similarity between what composers created with sounds, and what artists created with paint.

To shake things up, the teachers will take the students beyond Impressionism into Abstract Expressionism and Avante Garde music such as George Crumbs’ Makrokosmos and the revolutionary break with tradition in the art of Jackson Pollack, Marc Rothko, and others.  (What does Dali eat for breakfast? Surreal!)

Ronaldo Rolim – NBS PIano Faculty and Astral Artist

On Monday, July 16th, at 6:00 PM there will be a concert and art exhibit of Impressionist and Romantic music and art.  Pianist, Ronaldo Rolim, a Nelly Berman School faculty member will perform Debussy’s Préludes, Book I and Granados’ Goyescas. Mr. Rolim is under the management of Astral Artists, Geze Anda Foundation, and MdA International.  He has been praised by the New York Concert Review as “managing every texture, no matter how thick or difficult, with consummate elegance.”  While this concert is taking place, there will be an art exhibit featuring paintings by Nelly Berman School violin faculty member, Irina Schuck. Her paintings will include a work inspired by a Debussy violin and piano composition as well as anew painting inspired by Granados Goyescas, which Mr. Rolim will be performing.  The paintings will be for sale, and a percentage will go to the NBS Classical Music Institute a 501 (c )(3) non-profit scholarship program at the Nelly Berman School.  The Monday concert will be held at St. Luke United Methodist, Bryn Mawr.

Dr. Ariane Alexander – NBS Piano Faculty and Summer Camp Theory/History Teacher


On, Tuesday, July 17th, NBS piano faculty member, Dr. Ariane Alexander will perform George Crumb’s Makrokosmos Volume II at 4:00 at the Nelly Berman School of Music in the recital room. This Avante Garde competition features extended techniques for the piano, which include the performer strumming and plucking the strings with her fingertips.

To register for camp and purchase tickets, go to www.nbsmusic.com. Tickets for the concerts/art show are $15 for adults and $10 for children. Students attending the Impressionism and Modernism camp and their families will attend for free. All proceeds will benefit the NBS Classical Music Institute a 501 (c )(3) non-profit. Please RSVP via e-mail to office@nbsmusic.com.