Fall Registration Is Here!

Thursday, August 2nd, 2018


Click Here For Fall Registration!


Fall Registration is here! All registration will be online this semester – click the above button for a link to our registration form for your children.

The fall semester will begin on Wednesday, September 5th – we look forward to seeing you then!
If you do not yet know your full schedule for the school year about sports, school play, or other activities,
register for the first two weeks and we will accommodate any changes you need to make afterwards!

Click HERE for information regarding our tuition, attendance, and accompanist policies.


New Teachers 2018


Marina Voznaya                  Seula Lee              Dr. Timothy Blair       Dr. Terry Klinefelter 
piano and voice                     violin                            piano                              jazz piano


 Paul Klinefelter                          Andres Gonzalez Parra               Alex Siniavski
bass and bass guitar                                  trumpet                            trombone


New Programs 2018

Broadway Choir with Marina Voznaya

Jazz Improvisation – Individual Lessons with Dr. Terry Klinefelter and Dr. Matthew Clayton

Jazz Ensembles with Dr. Matthew Clayton and Andrew Urbina

Chamber Ensembles (times TBA) with Irina Schuck, Gozde Tiknaz, and Seula Lee

Coming Winter 2019: Chamber Orchestra with Andres Gonzalez