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The story of Nelly Berman, Founder of The Nelly Berman School:

NBS Director, Mrs. Elena Berman-Gantard and NBS Student, Emma Lo in an interview with businesswoman and journalist, Bonnie Squires on “Bonnie’s Beat”

Very musical playing by one of our adult students, an 83 year old retired architect with a deep love of classical music:

Spring 2016 Jazz Ensemble:

Summer Music Camp 2016 Photos and Videos

NBS Summer Camp 2016 "Exploring Romanticism in Art and Music"
Playlist from our May 3, 2015 Gala Concert:

YouTube playlist from our May 3, 2014 Gala Concert.

Igor Resnianski on Creative Campus | Emotions Always

Igor Resnianski on Creative Campus | Always Inventive

Daniel Song (NBS Student) on PBS series “From the Top” | Franz Liszt’s Transcendental Etude No. 7 in E-flat Major, “Eroica,” from Carnegie Hall.