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June 29th, 2017


February 24th, 2017

1.) Summer Camp 2017 Announced (click to get more information)

2.) Free Piano Concert Featuring Marianna Prjevalskaya (piano artist in residence) on Tuesday, April 18th (click here to get more information)

3.) Tickets To The Kimmel Center Concert of Young Classical Virtuosos of Tomorrow Competition in Memory of Nelly Berman Now on Sale! (click here to get tickets) (read more below).


Nelly Berman came to the United States from the Soviet Union, where serious study of music was free to talented and hard-working students. This study in regular music schools, not professional schools, consisted of two, one-hour lessons or more per week, as well as chamber music, music history, and other music subjects.  Additionally, students were required to compete 3 times a year in front of a jury for the opportunity to continue to receive free education. They had to play scales and arpeggios, as well as a piece from each of the following Baroque, Classical, and Romantic periods. 

When Nelly came to the United States, she combined the best of the Russian tradition of music education with the American philosophy of education being more inclusive. Nelly’s philosophy was not specifically to train professional musicians unless they wanted it more than anything. She passionately wanted to help those children who love music to play on a professional level, regardless of their future professions. Nelly worked tirelessly to raise money for the Nelly Berman School of Music Classical Music Institute (NBSCMI), a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit, which continues to enrich the lives of so many children, even after her passing. The “Young Classical Virtuosos of Tomorrow” competition was her creation. The Nelly Berman School revived the competition this year in Nelly’s memory, and it is now hailed as “one of the top on the east coast” by the judges.
Support Nelly’s vision of musical excellence for our children by donating to the NBSCMI, which is sponsoring this competition. Become a philanthropic friend in memory of Nelly and celebrate her life dedicated to empowering all children through the beauty of music.
You can donate by check at:
Young Classical Virtuosos of Tomorrow
C/O Nelly Berman School of Music
461 W Lancaster Ave
Haverford, PA 19041

Tickets for all locations except Kimmel Center available by e-mailing or calling 610-896-5105

Tickets for the Kimmel Center available from April 1st, 2017 at


Concerts at West Chester University Madeline Adler Theater on March 19th at 10:00 AM, 2:00 PM and 6:00 PM

$15 general admission (tickets at the door)


Concert at Radnor Middle School in Wayne, PA on Sunday, March 26th at 3:00 PM

$15 suggested donation (donation at the door)


Concerts at St. Luke, Bryn Mawr on Saturday, April 22nd, and Saturday, April 29th at 6:00 PM

$15 general admission (tickets at the door)


Concerts at the Perelman Theater at the Kimmel Center on Sunday, June 18th at 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM

$25 general admission (tickets available at after April 1, 2017)

Below are some contestant videos of student winners who will perform at the Kimmel Center


Pictures From The First Round of Young Classical Virtuosos of Tomorrow

October 22nd, 2016

Auditions will be held on Sunday, January 22nd, and results will be e-mailed out shortly after.

Map, Directions, Local Restaurants and Parking Information| Audition Schedule

Preserve Nelly Berman’s legacy by making a tax deductible donation to the nonprofit NBS Classical Music Institute, which is presenting “The Young Classical Virtuosos of Tomorrow.”

Please direct all questions to

Over $12,000 in prizes and concerts at the Kimmel Center, West Chester University, and more!

Listen to us as advertised on “A Musical Life” with host, Hugh Sung who served on the faculty of The Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia for 19 years as its Director of Student Recitals and Instrumental Accompaniment and has worked extensively with the Philadelphia Orchestra and Baltimore Symphony.

Our distinguished panel of judges will include (read more in depth by watching the YouTube video above):



Dr. Timothy Blair

Dr. Timothy Blair (piano)Founding Dean of the newly formed College of Arts and Humanities at West Chester where he is also a Professor of Piano.


Faina Lushtak

Faina Lushtak (piano) – Chair of the Piano Department at Tulane University and judge at many international competitions, including the Gina Bachauer and Cleveland International Piano Competitions


Marianna Prjevalskaya


Marianna Prjevalskaya (piano) – Gold medalist at over 20 international piano competitions, including the World Piano Competition in Cincinnati, OH, and judge at the New Orleans International Piano Competition

Dr. Irina Yurkovskaya– pianist, vocalist, and pedagogue with an international performing and teaching career. Owner of the Perfect Pitch Music Studio in Springfield, VA.

Jack Moore – Conductor, Ambler Symphony and WRTI Classical Radio Host.

Yelena Masotti – Former president of the New Jersey Music Teacher’s National Association.

Dr. Irina Yurkovskaya

Dr. Irina Yurkovskaya







Jack Moore


David Geber (strings/chamber)– Dean of Instrumental Performance at Manhattan School of Music.  Renowned Cello Soloist, Chamber Music and Pedagogue.

Eduard Schmieder (strings/chamber) – Head of the Violin Department at Temple University — Conductor of iPalpiti Festival Orchestra in Los Angeles

Paul Arnold (strings/chamber) – Violinist with Philadelphia Orchestra

Ovidiu Marinescu (strings/chamber) – International cello soloist/chamber musician and faculty at West Chester University

Sylvia Ahramjian (strings) – International violinist/chamber musician and retired West Chester University Faculty.


Ovidiu Marinescu

Ovidiu Marinescu

Sylvia Ahramjian

Sylvia Ahramjian


Eduard Schmeider

David Geber

David Geber


Paul Arnold

Paul Arnold




Julian Milkis

Julian Milkis

Julian Milkis (winds) – International clarinet soloist recently featured by UNESCO, and the only student of Benny Goodman.

Ethan Bensdorf, photographed by Chris Lee, 6/17/08.

Ethan Bensdorf, photographed by Chris Lee, 6/17/08.

Ethan Bensdorf (brass) — 2nd Trumpet at the New York Philharmonic and trumpet faculty at the Manhattan School of Music.

David Blumberg

David Blumberg

David Blumberg (winds) — International clarinetist and pedagogue.

Dr. Daniel Cherry

Dr. Daniel Cherry

Dr. Daniel Cherry (brass) ­– Orchestral, solo and chamber Trombonist. Faculty at West Chester University.




Jen Creed

Jen Creed

Jen Creed (voice)– board of directors for the Vocal Institute.

Maria Russo (voice) – Winner of the ARD Competition in 1984.  International Operatic Soprano.

Maria Russo

Maria Russo





Mission: The NBS Classical Music Institute, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission to promote serious classical music concerts and competitions in the Philadelphia area, will be presenting “Young Classical Virtuosos of Tomorrow,” a national competition as a memorial to its founder, Nelly Berman.  It will draw students from across the nation, and winners at various levels will be performing in concerts at Radnor Middle School, West Chester University, and the Kimmel Center; over $10,000 in prizes will be awarded.  The jury will be members of the Philadelphia Orchestra and New York Philharmonic, international performing artists, and faculty from West Chester, Manhattan School of Music,  Temple, Tulane, Long Island Universities, and the Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University.

We need young classical music performers now more than ever. Just like when the 23 year old American pianist Van Cliburn went to Moscow in the ’60’s to win first prize at the monumental Tchaikovsky piano competition and with his passionate playing helped thaw the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the US — young musicians of the tumultuous and pivotal years 2016-2017 can help shape international debate with high ideals for future generations through their likewise memorable performance.

The Nelly Berman Memorial “Classical Music Young Virtuosos of Tomorrow” competition, established in 2010, sees its important national place as a cultural emissary for the transformative power of classical music.  It provides a platform for young musicians to reach the hearts of old and young alike with their playing and, through classical music, illuminate the highest human virtues.

Nelly Berman’s whole life exemplified her belief in the transformative power of classical music and her visionary ideas of music education. As an emigrant from Odessa, USSR in 1976 Nelly came to the US with only $17 to her name and two children.  She struggled with congenital heart disease since the age of 3 but went on to bring the Russian method of teaching to thousands of children in the US, where she founded the Nelly Berman School of Music. In 1995, Nelly wanted to further classical music in the US, and she founded the nonprofit NBS Classical Music Institute, with a mission to provide merit based scholarships to students as well as to bring high level classical music concerts to the community. In 2010, she wanted to reach even more children around the nation, and she founded the “Young Classical Virtuosos of Tomorrow,” which brought over 300 students from across the United States to the greater Philadelphia area.

This year’s revival of the “Young Classical Virtuosos of Tomorrow” as the Nelly Berman Memorial Competition will honor and institutionalize her visionary work in music education.  It will also provide a philanthropic means of recognizing her lifelong struggle with heart disease.  The competition will draw hundreds of students from across the United States and provide several concerts by extraordinary young musicians to the Greater Philadelphia Community while giving a direct opportunity for young musicians to make a difference in the lives of others. The top 15 students in the Platinum division will be chosen to play at a large fundraising event for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where their playing can make a difference to the lives of many sick children with heart disease.

Here is a video of the competition in 2010, then called “Young Classical Music Idol.”  The name and the structure have since changed but we have the same goals.

Nelly Berman, illustrious and charismatic founder of the Nelly Berman School of Music, passed away on August 31, 2015

September 2nd, 2015


Nelly Point.JPG

Her funeral will take place at Goldsteins, Rosenberg, Raphael Sacks, 6410 N. Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19126 on Friday, September 4 at 10:30 AM.  Family viewing at 9:30 AM.  For directions visit Goldstein’s website for the Philadelphia Funeral Home location.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Nelly’s foundation, her legacy to past and future generations of young musicians:

NBS Classical Music Institute

461 W. Lancaster Ave.

Haverford, PA 19041

Click here to make your donation directly to the NBS Classical Music .


Nelly Berman, a Russian-Jewish pianist from Odessa, Soviet Union, created a premier classical music school in Haverford on the Main Line, which has trained some of Philadelphia’s top young musicians and provided scholarships for their serious studies, died Monday night. She was 77 years old.

During the 35 years her school existed she touched the lives of many generations of young people through music, inspired them to reach beyond and above their comfort level and to seek beauty, depth of emotions and perfection in music performance.

Despite suffering a stroke in 2011, she continued teaching and molding young talented students, passing to them her immeasurable technical performance skills and profound love of classical music.  Four days before her death, she applauded her students at a concert at the Nelly Berman School of Music and taught her last student the day before her death following serious heart surgery.  She said to her daughter “If I get better after this surgery, I am planning to start teaching more talented children who are serious about music.” As she was driving to the hospital for the surgery, she was discussing the pieces her students will learn during the interim of her recuperation.

The story of her emigration from the former Soviet Union and subsequent integration into the American society reads almost like a fairy tale. Being an immigrant, her life was full of hardship. It was extraordinary that she was able to overcome the staggering pitfalls in her path, as well as to become a trailblazer for many who came to her for help. She became a great mentor, friend and supporter to the students and the teachers at the school. Their lives were forever enriched by this talented, intuitive, fiery, optimistic, generous, and inspiring woman.

The values she had sought in all of the Nelly Berman School students were great beauty of sound, tenderness, passion, and in her ability to touch all hearts through music. She sought and persevered with all of her being to realize her vision for the creation of a non profit corporation, the NBS Classical Music Institute, which awards talented students scholarships to realize their potential in music performance.

Nelly Berman has been a passionately devoted mother, wife and a friend. She is survived by her husband, David Lefkovitz, children, her daughter Elena Berman-Gantard, and her son Dmitry Berman.  She is beloved and mourned by her grandchildren Emma, Armand and Jacob, her niece Faina Lushtak, her cousins Emma and Mara and their spouses, her Russian childhood friends Rachel, Bella, Vladik, Luda, Mila, and her American friends Andrea, Elaine and Marina, and many more dear relatives, friends, students and colleagues. The family thanks all their friends and relatives for their support and love.

Our alumna, Anna Claire Lynn-Palevsky, has expressed these thoughts for us all.

I can’t imagine my life without the Nelly Berman School of Music, and I can’t imagine a world without Nelly in it. She had the most incredible gift for turning children into musicians through her passion for teaching, the joy she found and shared in music, and most of all, her constant faith in every single student who walked through her doors. The things I learned in her music school have shaped every aspect of my life. Thank you for all the love and trust you always showed me, Nelly. It’s one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever been given.

For more information please contact Nelly’s daughter, Elena, at

Hall of Fame

June 5th, 2014

Award Winners, 2016 – 2017


Korean Music Association Competition

  • Chris Jung, First Prize, High School
  • Rebekah Lee, First Prize, Junior Division
  • Christine Jung, Second Prize, Junior Division

Music Teacher’s National Association (MTNA) Competition, PA State Division

  • Stephen Gliatto, Honorable Mention, Young Artist Piano
  • Johnny May, Alternate, Senior Piano
  • Ashwini Shende, Honorable Mention, Senior Piano
  • Alison Tatsuoka, Honorable Mention, Senior Piano
  • Alyssa Gabrilovich, Honorable Mention, Junior Piano
  • Emma Lo, Honorable Mention, Junior Piano

Crescendo International Music Competition

  • Sharon Hsu, 1st Place
  • Helen Hu, 1st Place
  • Suhyun Lee, 1st Place
  • Athena Wang, 1st Place
  • Bowen Ying, 1st Place
  • Daniel Lao, 2nd Place
  • Kelly Lao, 2nd Place
  • Sahil Purohit, 2nd Place

Rose Tree Pops Orchestra Youth Competition

Braelynn Norris, 3rd Place

Young Classical Virtuosos of Tomorrow Competition

Chris Jung, Platinum – 2nd, Piano 14-18

Kelly Lao & Rachel Wang, Platinum – 1st, Chamber 10-13

Emma Lo, Platinum – 2nd, Piano 10-13

Isabella Florendo, Platinum – 1st, Piano 7-9

Johnny May, Ashwini Shende, and Alex Wu, Gold – 2nd, Chamber 14-18

Annie Liang, Gold, Brass/Winds 14-18

Alison Tatsuoka, Gold – 1st, Piano 14-18

Jordyn Hurly, Gold – 2nd, Piano 14-18

Andy Wu, Gold – 3rd, Piano 14-18

Alyssa Gabrilovich, Gold – 1st, Piano 10-13

Michael Zhou, Gold – 3rd, Piano 10-13

Bowen Ying, Gold – 2nd, Strings 10-13

Leah Bedenko, Gold – 2nd, Vocal 14-18

Mariam Reyes-Toidze, Gold – 2nd, Vocal 10-13

Stephen Gliatto, 1st Alternate, College Piano

Johnny May, 1st Alternate, Piano 14-18

Ashwini Shende, 2nd Alternate, Piano 14-18

Felix Zhu, 2nd Alternate, Piano 10-13

Bridget Xu, 3rd Alternate, Piano 10-13

Kelly Lao, 4th Alternate, Piano 10-13

Rachel Wang, 5th Alternate, Piano 10-13

Grace Huang, 1st Alternate, Piano 7-9

Isabella Florendo, 1st Alternate, Strings 7-9

Alex Gu & Michael Zhou, Silver+, Chamber 14-18

  • Theresa Katz & Stephen Gliatto, Silver+, Chamber 14-18
  • Carolyn Urban, Silver+, Strings 10-13
  • Sophia Kujawski & Betti Pang, Silver – Honorable Mention, Chamber 14-18
  • Greta Luo, Silver – 2nd, Brass/Winds 14-18
  • Sharon Hsu, Silver – 1st, Piano 14-18

Kebo Zhang, Silver – Honorable Mention, Piano 14-18

Felicia Zhu, Silver – Honorable Mention, Piano 14-18

Braelynn Norris, Silver – 2nd, Strings 14-18

Sophia Ran, Silver – 1st, Brass/Winds 10-13

Austin Zhuang, Silver – 2nd, Brass/Winds 10-13

Nicholas Doleschel, Silver – 1st, Piano 10-13

Sophia Ran, Silver – Honorable Mention, Piano 10-13

Abigail Kim, Silver – 2nd, Piano 10-13

Athena Wang, Silver – 2nd, Piano 10-13

Billy Broker, Silver – Honorable Mention, Piano 10-13

Claire Yang, Silver – Honorable Mention, Piano 10-13

Christine Jung, Silver – 1st, Strings 10-13

Amelie Matuch, Silver – 2nd, Strings 10-13

Emma Lo, Silver – 3rd, Strings 10-13

Miles Zhou, Silver – Honorable Mention, Strings 10-13

Jacey Dumin, Silver – 2nd, Piano 7-9

Carissa Uy, Silver – 3rd, Piano 7-9

Benjamin Qu, Silver – Honorable Mention, Piano 7-9

Jacob Veksler, Silver – 2nd, Vocal 10-13

Savina Copas, Silver – Honorable Mention, Vocal 10-13

Ejdia Daku, Silver – Honorable Mention, Vocal 10-13

Harry Chen, Silver, Piano 14-18

Alex Gu, Silver, Piano 14-18

Linda Huang, Silver, Piano 14-18

Justin Suh, Silver, Piano 14-18

Nicole Xiang, Silver, Piano 14-18

Kana Kishimoto, Silver, Strings 14-18

Natalie Dumin & Angellina Shmayger, Silver, Chamber 10-13

Alyssa Gabrilovich & Rebekah Lee, Silver – 3rd, Chamber 10-13

Savina Copas, Silver, Piano 10-13

Natalie Dumin, Silver, Piano 10-13

Ben Fine, Silver, Piano 10-13

Sona Gomes, Silver, Piano 10-13

Natalie Chen, Silver, Strings 10-13

Isabella Hu, Silver, Strings 10-13

Christine Kim, Silver, Piano 10-13

Hyeonjin Kim, Silver, Piano 10-13

Genevieve Savage, Silver, Piano 10-13

Emily Lin, Silver, Piano 10-13

Betti Pang, Silver, Piano 10-13

Angellina Shmayger, Silver, Piano 10-13

Ariana Tanha, Silver, Piano 10-13

Caleb Uy, Silver, Piano 10-13

Michael Yu, Silver, Piano 10-13

Daniel Lao, Silver, Piano 7-9

Matthew Lo, Silver, Piano 7-9

Yakov Shafit, Silver, Strings 10-13

Owen Zhang, Bronze – 2nd, Piano 14-18

Debarun De, Bronze – 3rd, Piano 14-18

Sharon Hsu, Bronze – 1st, Vocal 14-18

Christopher Kujawski, Bronze – 1st, Brass/Winds 10-13

Vanessa Chen, Bronze – 1st, Piano 7-9

Joyce Chen, Bronze – 2nd, Piano 7-9

Daniel Adibi, Bronze – 3rd, Piano 7-9

Isabelle Match, Bronze – Honorable Mention, Piano 7-9

Haeun Cho, Bronze, Piano 7-9

Raya Framil, Bronze, Piano 7-9

Steve Xie, Bronze, Piano 7-9

Andrew & Marcus Yang, Bronze – 1st, Strings 7-9

Golden Key Music Festival

Jacey Dumin, Gold

Natalie Dumin, Gold

Vanessa Chen, Bronze

Isabella Scardapane, Bronze

Crescendo Little Mozarts Music Competition

Natalie Chen, 1st Place

Carolyn Urban, 1st Place

Sonia Gomes, 2nd Place

Amelie Matuch, 2nd Place

Isabelle Matuch, 2nd Place

Alexa Elder, 3rd Place

Music-Fest Rising Talents Festival

Christine Kim, Grand Prix

The Flute Society of Greater Philadelphia’s Youth Artist Competition

Annie Liang, 3rd Place, Senior High Division

Vivace Competition

Bowen Ying, 1st Place, Junior Division

West Chester Pre-Collegiate Piano Competition

Jordyn Hurly, Honorable Mention, Ages 16-18

Emma Lo, 1st Place, Ages 13-15

Chris Jung, 2nd Place, Ages 13-15

Andy Wu, 3rd Place, Ages 13-15

Alyssa Gabrilovich, 1st Place, Ages 9-12

Isabella Florendo, 3rd Place, Ages 9-12

Kelly Lao, Honorable Mention, Ages 9-12

Ambler Symphony Elmer and Louis Menges Scholarship

Isabella Florendo

Chopin International Piano Competition in Hartford

Alyssa Gabrilovich, 1st Place

Tri-County Concerts Association Annual Youth Festival

Jordyn Hurly, 1st Place, Senior Piano

Chris Jung, Honorable Mention, Senior Piano

Andy Wu, 1st Place, Junior Piano

Rachel Wang, 2nd Place, Junior Piano

Alex Wu, 1st Place, Senior Winds

2015-2016 Hall of Fame

Concerto Competition Winners Performing as Soloists with Orchestras

Emma Lo, age 13, with Old York Road Symphony Orchestra

Ashwini Shende, age 14, with Lansdowne Symphony Orchestra

Alyssa Gabrilovich, age 10, with Ambler Symphony


Old York Road Symphony Young Artist Competition

Emma Lo, Winner


Crescendo International Music Competition

Bridget Xu, 1st Place

Felicia Zhu, 1st Place

Jordyn Hurly, 1st Place

Justin Suh, 1st Place

Sharon Hsu, 1st Place

Sophia Kujawski, 1st Place

Sophia Ran, 1st Place

Linda Huang, 2nd Place

Rohit Chatterjee, 2nd Place

Sahil Purohit, 2nd Place


Philadelphia Music Teachers Association Carnegie Hall Audition

William Ge, Winners’ Recital

Isabella Florendo, Honors Recital


South Jersey Music Teachers’ Assocation

Bridget Xu, Gold with Distinction


The 39th Annual Christopher Giles and Lucille S. Harris Competitions in Musical Performance

William Hyland, The Ward Virts Prize for Pianistic Expressiveness


Tomasone Memorial Young Artist Competition

Annie Liang, 2nd Place, Junior Advanced Division


Chopin International Piano Competition in Hartford

William Ge, 2nd Place

Alyssa Gabrilovich, 3rd Place


Golden Key Music Festival

Abigail Kim, Gold

Noel Kim, Gold

Jonathan Xu, Gold

Vanessa Chen, Silver

Natalie Dumin, Silver

Sharon Hsu, Super-Bronze

Athena Wang, Super-Bronze

Felicia Zhu, Super-Bronze

Felix Zhu, Super-Bronze


Reading Musical Foundation Scholarship Competition

Genevieve Savage, Robert R. Kreitz – Mark A. Hornberger Piano Scholarship, 1st Place

Crescendo Little Mozarts Music Competition

Isabella Florendo – 1st Place

Kana Kishimoto – 1st Place

Jane Stalnaker – 1st Place

Christina Cai – 2nd Place

Isabelle Matuch – 2nd Place

Miles Zhou – 2nd Place


Lansdowne Symphony Concerto Competition

Ashwini Shende, Winner

William Ge, Outstanding Performance Acknowledgment


West Chester University Pre-College Piano Competition

Alison Tatsuoka, 2nd Place, Ages 16-18

Johnny May, 3rd Place, Ages 13-15

Andy Wu, 1st Honorable Mention, Ages 13-15

Ashwini Shende, 2nd Honorable Mention, Ages 13-15

Alyssa Gabrilovich, 1st Honorable Mention, Ages 9-12

Michael Zhou, 2nd Honorable Mention, Ages 9-12

Vivace Strings Competition

Bowen Ying, 2nd Place, Junior Violin Division

Alex Wu, 2nd Place, Senior Cello Division

Christine Jung, 2nd Place, Junior Cello Division

Ambler Symphony Louis and Elmer Menges Scholarship

Alyssa Gabrilovich, Winner

Tri-County Competition

The ML Piano Trio (Alex Wu, Ethan Lee, and Samantha Lee) 1st Place, Senior Ensemble

Ashwini Shende, 1st Place, Senior Piano

Johnny May, 2nd Place, Senior Piano

Jordyn Hurly, Honorable Mention, Senior Piano

Bowen Ying, 2nd Place, Junior Strings

Helen Hu, Honorable Mention, Junior Strings

Karissa Lim, Honorable Mention, Junior Strings

Emma Lo, Honorable Mention, Junior Piano

Michael Zhou, Honorable Mention, Junior Piano

If your child’s name has been omitted by mistake, please let us know!

2014-2015 Hall of Fame

Concerto Competition Winners Performing as Soloists with Orchestras:

Melody Yu, age 12, Philadelphia Orchestra

Ashwini Shende, age 13, finalist with Philadelphia Orchestra competition

Alyssa Gabrilovich, age 9, Old York Road Symphony

Emma Lo, age 12, New Orleans Symphony Orchestra, Kennett Symphony Orchestra, Warminster Symphony Orchestra, and Southeastern PA Symphony Orchestra

Alison Tatsuoka, age 15, Ambler Symphony Orchestra

Athena Wang, age 8, Old York Road Symphony

Alex Wu, age 14, Old York Road Symphony, Lansdowne Symphony Orchestra, Ambler Symphony Orchestra, Olney Symphony Orchestra, and Kennett Symphony Orchestra

Andy Wu, age 12, Ambler Symphony Orchestra


New Orleans Piano Institute, Solo Competition, July 2015

Emma Lo, 2nd Prize, Divison I

Stephen Gliatto, 2nd Prize, Division II

New Orleans Piano Institute, Concerto Competition, July 2015

Emma Lo, 1st Prize

Alison Tatsuoka, 3rd Prize


Music Teacher National Association (MTNA)

Ethan Lee, winner, PA State Division; will progress to regional competition

Chris Jung, alternate to 1st place winner, Junior Piano, PA state competition

1st Place, Crescendo International Competition

Suzanne Carpenter

Alex Gu

Athena Wang

Sharon Hsu

Sahil Purohit

Lan Luo

American Protégé Competition

Lan Luo, 1st Place

William Ge, 1st Place

Suzanne Carpenter, 3rd Place

Sabine Kwon, 3rd Place

Alyssa Gabrilovich, 3rd Place

Kennett Square Symphony Junior Instrumental Competition

4th – 6th grade Division

Sara Yamada, 1st place

Michael Zhou, 3rd Place

Nahoko Okamoto, Honorable Mention

Philadelphia Orchestra Albert M. Greenfield Student Competition

Ashwini Shende, Finalist, Junior Division

Rising Talents Music Fest

Eric Liang, Grand Prix winner

Golden Key Music Festival

Athena Wang, Gold

Felix Zhu, Gold

Jonathan Xu, Gold

Kebo Zhang, Gold

Linda Huang, Gold

Sophia Ran, Gold

William Hyland, Gold

Isabella Scardapane, Silver

Lan Luo, Silver

Felicia Zhu, Super Bronze

Ellen Zhang, Bronze

Chopin International Competition

Emma Lo, 3rd Place

Bloomsburg University Young Classical Artists’ Competition

William Hyland, 2015 Winner, Presidential Scholarship winner for four years of college study

Vivace Competition

Nahoko Okamoto, 1st Place, Violin, Children’s Division

Alex Wu, 2nd Place, Cello, Senior Division

West Chester University Pre-Collegiate Piano Competition

Alison Tatsuoka, 1st Prize, Ages 13 – 15

Ashwini Shende, 3rd Prize, Ages 13 – 15

Alyssa Gabrilovich, 2nd Prize, Ages 9 – 12

Athena Wang, 3rd Prize, Ages 9 – 12

John Yi, Honorable Mention, Ages 13-15

Music-fest Rising Talent Festival

Bridget Xu, Grand Prize

Crescendo Little Mozart

Karissa Lim, 1st Place

Carly Mitchell, 1st Place

Bowen Ying, 1st Place

Sonia Gomes, 2nd Place

Bucks County Symphony Orchestra

Timothy Kim, Honorable Mention

Southeastern Pennsylvania Symphony Orchestra

Alyssa Gabrilovich, Winner, Ages 8-11

Ambler Symphony Orchestra

Emma Lo, Winner

Andy Wu, Winner

Tri-County Competition

Alex Wu, 1st Place, Senior Strings

Ethan Lee, 2nd Place, Senior Piano

Leah Bedenko, Honorable Mention, Senior Voice

Jonathan Lee, Honorable Mention, Senior Winds

Eric Liang, Honorable Mention, Senior Winds

Annie Liang, 1st Place, Junior Winds

Emma Lo, Honorable Mention, Junior Piano

Andy Wu, Honorable Mention, Junior Piano

Philadelphia Student Youth Orchestra

Katie Sharbaugh, viola

Nelly Berman School student Erica Clarke was accepted to the Julliard School Pre-College program and began classes September 2014. For her second lesson per week, she continues studying at NBS.

If your child’s name has been omitted by mistake, please let us know!

2013-2014 Hall of Fame

5th International Chopin Competition
Melody Yu, 1st Prize, Junior Division

Ambler Symphony Concerto Competition
Alex Wu
Melody Yu

American Protégé International Competition
Erica Clarke
Sreejata Munsi

Crescendo International Competition
Athena Wang, First Place
Chris Jung, First Place
Felicia Zhu, First Place
Jordyn Hurly, First Place
Justin Suh, First Place
Katie Sharbaugh, First Place
Michael Zhou, First Place
Sahil Purohit, First Place
Sharon Hsu, First Place
William Ge, First Place

Episcopal Academy Dora Khayatt Music Award
Felicia Zhu

Golden Key Music Festival
Annie Liang, Piano, Gold Prize
Billy Broker and Michael Zhou, Piano Duet, Gold Prize
Elena Lee, Gold Prize
Emma Lo, Gold Prize
Felicia Zhu, Gold Prize
Felix Zhu, Gold Prize
Jordyn Hurly, Silver Prize
Nahoko Okamoto, Gold Prize
Rachel Wang, Gold Prize
Sharon Hsu, Gold Prize
Tessie Katz, Gold Prize
William Hyland, Gold Prize

Kennett Symphony Instrumental Competition
Alex Wu, Second Place
Emma Lo, First Place, Junior Competition
Andy Wu, Honorable Mention, Junior Competition
Ashwini Shende, Honorable Mention, Junior Competition

Landsdowne Symphony Concerto Competition
Alex Wu

Little Mozart Competition

Suzanne Carpenter, First Place
Alex Gu, First Place
Lily Schwalb, First Place

Moscow Central Conservatory Summer Program
Sharon Hsu

Music-Fest Rising Talent Competition
Kail Yuan, Cello, Grand Prix

Olney Symphony Orchestra
Alex Wu
Ethan Lee
Sara Yamada

Philadelphia International Music Festival Concerto Competition
Sara Yamada, First Place

Philadelphia Orchestra Greenfield Concerto Competition
Melody Yu

Philadelphia Sinfonia  Member
Alex Wu

Philadelphia Sinfonia Players Member
Annie Liang
Bronson Heath
Eric Liang
Jonathan Lee
Kail Yuan
Myles Heath

Schuylkill Valley Honor Band
Eric Liang, 1st chair clarinet
Priya Ganesh, 2nd chair clarinet
Remi Beltran, 1st chair trumpet
Sophie Rebbeck, flute.

The Curtis Institute Young Artists Summer Program
William Hyland

Tri-County Competition 2013
Alex Wu and Maria Zhadankina, Piano and Cello Duet, Second Place
Ashwini Shende, Piano, Second Place

West Chester Piano  Competition
Emma Lo, First Place, 9-12 age group
Chris Jung, Second Place, 9-12 age group
Erica Clarke, First Honorable Mention, 9-12 age group
Rachel Wang, Second Honorable Mention, 9-12 age group
Ethan Lee, First Place, 16-18 age group
Stephen Yi, Third Place, 16-18 age group

Tri-County Competition 2014
Stephen Yi: Second Place, Senior Piano
Alison Tatsuoka: Honorable Mention
Alex Wu: First Place, Junior Strings
Chris Jung: First Place, Junior Piano

Southeastern Pennsylvania Symphony Orchestra Young Artists Competition
Ashwini Shende
Emma Lo

Old York Road Symphony Young Artist Competition
Alex Wu: Winner
Athena Wang: Winner. Children’s Division
Sharon Hsu: Honorable Mention